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2018-2019 School Year Starts August 15, 2018

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SAVA Charter School Sacramento

Sacramento Academic and Vocational Academy is a WASC accredited 7th-12th grade public charter school offering a personalized education path for each of our students. Instead of the traditional one-size-fits-all classroom, we seek to motivate and encourage students to be independent learners. Our blended-learning model provides one-on-one and small group learning opportunities. As a result, each student receives individualized instruction and support from our teachers and staff. This personal attention and guidance is often the crucial ingredient to student success.

At SAVA, we provide high-quality curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards, instructional support for all students, and career exploration and preparation for life after graduation. SAVA students have the opportunity to meet requirements for graduation with a high school diploma as well as meet the requirements for entry level employment, apprenticeship programs, post-secondary career technical training or transition to two or four year colleges.

In addition to providing a multi-faceted approach to learning, we also emphasize the importance of community involvement and self-discovery. Each SAVA student completes a service learning project with a local community business or organization and has the chance to experience how it feels to make a difference in their community. We believe that the combination of individual support, high-quality instruction, and personal development opportunities produces self-directed, life-long learners ready to meet the challenges of the future.

All high school students are encouraged to enroll in our Career Technical Education (CTE) courses.  These are classroom-based courses with a hands-on learning approach in the fields of Auto Mechanics, Fire Science, Media Arts, Fashion Design, Agricultural & Natural Sciences, Building Trades, and Culinary. Many of these courses offer students the opportunity to earn high school and college credit at the same time. To round out our program offerings, we provide interactive learning opportunities and experiences for our SAVA Charter School Sacramento students through courses such as Science Lab, Teen Leadership, and Basketball.



"SAVA has provided my child with a learning environment that works well for his educational needs.  He is able to thrive and excel in a safe environment at SAVA." H. DAVIS | PARENT

Capturing Kids’ Hearts

SAVA adopted the Capturing Kids’ Hearts (CKH) process in 2010. Through it’s precepts, students and staff have created an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. Caring relationships flourish on our campuses and academic achievement of all our students has skyrocketed. Because of our dedication to the CKH process, we were named a Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase School for 2016-2017 AND 2017-2018! Watch our submission video to learn more about CKH’s impact. 


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