SAVA – High School

Education your way

9th – 12th Grade

SAVA students receive a unique blend of digital curriculum and one-on-one or small group support that allows for a rigorous personalized learning experience for each student. Teachers review each student’s completed work, assessing areas of focus for the week, and customize instruction to meet the student’s needs at every step of the learning process. SAVA also provides additional support labs for any student who needs extra help to achieve their educational goals, including labs tailored to English language learners and students with special needs.

In addition to the standard high school coursework, SAVA students participate in career-technical education, service learning opportunities,  dynamic elective offerings, and hands-on workshops focused on career readiness and exploration provided through our exclusive WIOA partnerships. These additional educational opportunities equip students with the academic, career, and personal skills necessary to succeed in all areas of life. At SAVA, all student learning experiences emphasize GRIT: Growth, Responsibility, Independence, and Twenty-First Century Skills.

Senior Capstone

All graduating seniors at SAVA complete the Senior Capstone course and a Service Learning project. Senior Capstone consists of a career exploration and job skills training program and culminates in a portfolio of usable workforce resources, such as resumes, cover letters, and letters of recommendation. In the Service Learning projects, students collaboratively design their own project that makes a positive impact on our local community. Previous Service Learning projects have included community cleanup efforts, homeless outreach, construction projects for local schools, and participation in the Habitat for Humanity program.

Senior Credit Recovery

Students in need of credit recovery participate in SAVA’s self-paced core high school program, which enables them to accelerate their learning and move toward graduation as quickly as possible. Students work at their own pace and receive the support they need to complete coursework and ear their diploma.


“I enjoy going to SAVA because you can personalize your education and schedule. The teachers really care about your success.”