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Plant & Soil Science Pathway:
Plant Science 1

Plant Science 1 is designed to provide the students with a working knowledge of the fundamental structures and processes of plants.  Principles to be applied cover plant structures, physiology, heredity, environmental relationship to growth, adaptation, and management of crops. Techniques of research, exploration of plant growth, and identification of economical crops will be included. Students in this class will use aeroponics, state-of-the-art modern technology, to grow vegetables and herbs without soil in tower gardens. 

Plant Science 2

 In this course, students learn about aeroponic systems, also known as tower gardens.  Each system allows students to grow up to 20 vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers in less than three square feet- indoors or out.  Using aeroponics, students learn how to grow plants with only water and nutrients, rather than dirt. 

Prerequisite: Plant Science 1 


Animal Science Pathway:
Poultry 1

Poultry Science 1 is designed for students who are interested in the agricultural business. The course provides an overview of the livestock industry, including the supply of animal products and their uses. It includes a study of the principles and practices of commercial poultry production. 

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Animal Science Pathway:
Poultry 2

Poultry Science 2 is the second half of the articulated poultry class with Modesto JC. Students will study poultry nutrition, reproduction, environmental management, health, marketing, and records keeping to ensure scientifically-based management decisions and consumer product acceptance. There will be a special emphasis on ducks and emu poultry. The concepts of farm to fork are also covered. 

Prerequisite: Poultry Science 1