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Sacramento High School Photography

Photo 1

This Arts, Media & Entertainment Pathway Photography course is designed for students with little or no photography background. First semester instruction covers all aspects of black and white photography, digital enhancements, including an introduction to the use and proper handling of a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera, and light reading as a creative tool. Creative and technical instruction is presented through lectures, study of the great masters of photography along with the history of photography, in-class critiques, as well as through individual discussions with the teacher. 


Photo 2

Students learn about various aspects of photography such as: digital enhancement using the latest version of Adobe Lightroom, High Dynamic Range (HDR), architecture, urban landscapes, landscapes, and animal photography. This advanced class travels to the Sacramento Zoo and various locations in San Francisco for photo shoots in the field. Photo 2 students also take part in portrait sessions throughout the school year. This course is articulated with a local Community College. 

Prerequisite: Photo 1 

Sacramento CTE Photography II



Photo 3

This course consists of capturing images of school and district related events throughout the semester. Students will learn how to communicate with clients, schedule photography sessions, photograph various styles of events, edit the events, and submit the images to the clients. Students are expected to be able to shoot at a moments notice while applying all the skills learned in Photo 1 and Photo 2. Students also participate in a Service Learning project in the spring, shooting Senior Portraits for SAVA graduates.  Communication skills, photography skills, professional appearance, responsibility, and accountability are key components of this course, and students are trained to conduct themselves as if they were professional photographers. Support and follow our students through the SAVA Photography Blog 

Prerequisites: Photo 1 and 2 


Digital Video Production

This course teaches students basic video capture and editing with equipment such as Gopro cameras and drones. Editing is done with industry software, and students learn programs such as iMovie, Premiere, and After Effects. Students also participate in projects highlighting activities at SAVA throughout the year, and have the opportunity to create marketing videos for our school. This course will also explore how to create and market through the use of YouTube.