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SAVA CTE Hospitality Tourism & Recreation Pathway


Fitness & Recreation 1

Fitness & Recreation 1 teaches students to identify and demonstrate an understanding of the value, meaning and benefits of outdoor recreation activities and to explore a variety of outdoor adventure experiences. Skills such as trip planning, meal preparation, camp selection and set-up, equipment and clothing, map and compass, hygiene and first aid will be discussed and practiced. Students will also develop an awareness of and appreciation for minimum impact wilderness travel techniques and environmental responsibility and ethics. 


Fitness & Recreation 2

In Fitness & Recreation 2, students build upon the skills acquired during Fitness 1 and take on advanced leadership roles in planning, coordinating, and developing fitness plans and recreation field trips. Students learn to take on the responsibility of programming fitness workouts that focus on varied functional movements performed at high intensity to improve students’ strength and aerobic capacity. They also monitor their peers’ movements to ensure they are moving with proper form and technique. Students also take on planning and budgeting for recreation, as well as scouting for trips and ensuring that students are safe and enjoying themselves.  

Prerequisite: Fitness & Recreation 1