At SAVA, every student engages and participates in high-quality, rigorous, and relevant educational pathways and programs. Our courses are created in collaboration with leading business and industry partners and local community colleges – promoting creativity, innovation, leadership, community service and life-long learning. Career Technical Education (CTE) programs are developed in response to student interest surveys with emphasis on the potential for career opportunities within focused industries. Delivered in a classroom setting, our courses provide students cutting-edge technology and group interactions with hands-on experiences.

Many of our CTE classes are now articulated with local community colleges, giving students the opportunity to earn college credit for completing these courses with a course grade of B or higher. Upon completion of these courses, in addition to earning college credits, students are given priority enrolment opportunities by community colleges.

CTE in an era of distance learning

Our CTE teachers have worked endlessly over the summer to ensure your student continues to receive quality education and practical learning. They have created virtual settings for their classes, they will be utilizing Zoom and Google classroom, and they will be sending materials home for hands-projects. Our goal is to provide students with detailed exposure within their chosen CTE pathway whether we are in person or online.

Distance Learning