SAVA Senior Projects

Senior Block: Every high school senior attending a Sacramento Academic & Vocational Academy site must complete senior block during the last semester of their senior year. This 3 hours block is taught as one class but will cover three important sections: Service Learning Project, RoadTrip Nation, and Senior Portfolio. Senior Block is intended to improve presentation and leadership skills for work, college and beyond.

Service Learning Project: SAVA students will have the opportunity to participate in a service learning opportunity that will enhance their leadership and team working skills. All projects improve and provide service to the local community. Students will learn of opportunities from their teachers. Students will be able to sign up for their project choice. Past opportunities include: Partnership with SPCA, Elk Grove “Box City” project, Women in Construction, Mock the Vote project & many more.

RoadTrip Nation: Students will explore different career paths and options by working on their strengths, interests, goals, and dreams. The program is designed to assist students with discovering what they want to pursue after high school. As modeled through the program, students will be required to conduct interviews with community leaders for a final project.

Senior Portfolio: Compiles into one portfolio the research, work and experience students learn through their Road Trip Nation lessons and Service Learning Project. Students’ spotlight their best work and achievements. The portfolio includes a personal statement, a career exploration/preparation essay, multiple job applications, multiple letters of application and interest, letters of recommendation, a Service Learning essay, and a live presentation of the portfolio to a graduation committee.

Senior Events and Activities

Junior/Senior Prom: Generally held in March, open to Juniors and Seniors. Ticket price usually includes dance, dinner, and pictures. In the past Prom has taken place on the Delta King. Students have the option of participating in a fundraiser to pay for their ticket. Watch for more details.

Senior Portraits: SAVA Photography 2 students offer FREE Senior Portraits as part of their Serivce Learning porject. Watch for more details.

Senior Awards: Generally held the last week of May at respective campuses. Seniors and their families are invited to attend a meal prepared by staff. During this event, Seniors will receive awards and their cap and gowns. Watch for more details.

Graduation Ceremony: SAVA holds two graduation ceremonies during the year. The first is held in January at the Event Center located at the George Sim Community Center and the second in June at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium located at 16th and J Street in Sacramento.

  • June Graduation will be held on Friday, June 1 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, 1515 J Street. Tickets will be available in May.