SAVA Charter School Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does it cost money to enroll at SAVA?

A.  No, SAVA is a tuition free, public charter school. Enrollment is open to all students free of charge.

Q. When can I enroll at SAVA?

A. SAVA has open enrollment throughout the entire school year. You can enroll at any time. Just visit one of our four locations to complete an enrollment packet and we’ll get you started right away.

Q. How many credits can I complete each semester?

A. SAVA students can complete up to 80 credits per year in grades 9-11 and up to 90 credits during their 12th grade year. In addition to the 80-90 credits per school year, SAVA counselors will help eligible students enroll in ROP courses throughout the Sacramento region to earn additional credits.

Q. Can I enroll at SAVA if I am 18 or have been out of school for an extended period of time?

A. Yes, any student in grades 7-12 can enroll at SAVA any time prior to their 19th birthday. A student may continue to be enrolled at SAVA past the age of 18 as long as he or she maintains good attendance and academic standing with the school.