SAVA CTE Public Services Pathway


First Aid

Students will learn how to control bleeding, treat a burn, and how to splint a broken bone. They will also learn the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, stroke, shock, anaphylaxis, as well as hot and cold related problems. All students who successfully complete this class will be First Aid/CPR certified.

Medical Anatomy

Anatomy is the study of the human body. Students will learn about the heart, lungs, muscles, bones, circulatory system, the organs of the body and how everything works to keep us alive. Students will look at slides of body parts, have the opportunity to dissect a sheep’s heart and lungs. They will also work with mannequins to learn the internal and external structure of the human body as well as various functions of the body’s systems. Students who successfully complete First Aid and Medical Anatomy will be given primary enrollment in Emergency Medical Response 1 (EMR) the following semester.


Sacramento EMR Pathway

Emergency Medical Response 1

In this class students will be prepared for a career in the Emergency Medical Field. Students can use the skills learned in this class to gain entry level employment in a number of medical or protective services fields including EMT, firefighting, nursing, or medical assisting. First Aid and Medical Anatomy is recommended for this course.

Emergency Medical Response 2

In the second half of Emergency Medical Response, students learn the beginning steps of life-saving strategies including scene management, basic CPR, basic life saving skills, and many other steps to saving a human life. After completing this American River College articulated course, students can choose to continue with courses that will result in certifications or degrees in the medical field. First Aid and Medical Anatomy is recommended for this course.

Basic Fire Protection

Students will receive an introduction to fire protection in this class. They will learn about career opportunities in fire protection and related fields, philosophy and history of fire protection, fire loss analysis, organization and function of public and private fire protection services, fire departments as part of local government, laws and relations affecting the fire service, fire service nomenclature, specific fire protection functions, basic fire chemistry and physics, an introduction to fire protection systems, and an introduction to fire strategy and tactics.

CTE Basic Fire Protection Sacramento

Sacramento beginning wildland fire CTE

Beginning Wildland Fire

Beginning Wildland Fire offers training in proper techniques to effectively and safely perform as a member of a fire crew in controlling and suppressing wildfire. Includes physics of fire behavior, complexities and interrelationships of weather, topography and wildland fuel beds in fire behavior, Incident Management Organization, personal safety, situational awareness and hazard recognition.

Advanced Wildland Fire

In Advanced Wildland Fire student will learn the principles and techniques of wildland fire prevention, behavior, control, and suppression. Covers legal areas of wildland fire protection, mutual aid, fire investigation and reporting methods and ecology factors of wildland and urban interface fires. Basic Wildland Fire is required for this course.

Sacramento CTE Advanced Wildland Fire

In The Field

Sacramento CTE Protective Services Pathway

Careers in the Sacramento CTE Protective Services Pathway primarily address public order, fire protection, and emergency medical services. With a continually growing population, the need for protective services is in constant high demand. Successful individuals who follow this pathway are concerned with protecting people from danger and helping to ensure their health and safety. Many of these careers provide great personal satisfaction from seeing the positive results of personal effort.

Students participating in our Sacramento CTE Protective Services Pathway will have a variety of opportunities open to them. Through our Basic & Advanced Wildland Fire courses and Basic Fire Protection class students will have the ability to learn a variety of career opportunities as fire fighters. The skills and training students will earn in these classes will prepare them for a diverse job pool. At the completion of these Sacramento CTE Protective Services Pathway courses, students will have earned governmental clearance to apply to thousands of base pay entry level jobs in the federal database. Students also achieve college credit and these classes count towards their two-year fire science degree.


SAVA Charter School Sacramento

Name: Gene Lorance

Location: SAVA Power Inn Charter School

Subjects Taught: Fire Academy

Education: Seven 2-year Degrees: Fire, Automotive, Forestry, Industrial Technology, Liberal Arts, Photography,  & General Studies from Sierra College. BS & MA in Education from Sacramento State University. Teaching Credential  in Public Service, Transportation, Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Fire Qualifications and Certificates: Fire Instructor 1A, 1B and 1C, State Firefighter 1, State Firefighter 2, Federal Firefighter Type 2, Federal Firefighter Type 1, Strike Team Leader, Helicopter Crewmember, Incident Commander Type 4, Prescribed Fire Burn Boss Type 2, and 95 Certificates in Fire

About Me: Mr. Lorance began his career in fire at community college where he began taking fire classes. Soon he was participating in an organized fire crew. Here he gained great knowledge and experience but thirsted for more. Soon after this, Mr. Lorance gained his State Fire Fighter 1 and 2 Certificate along with many other State, County and Federal Certificates. After 5 years he moved towards wildland fires. Here he worked for the US Forest Service on a Helitack Rappel Crew where he completed his Federal FFT2 and FFT1 task-book and several NWCG Certificates. Mr. Lorance then took a job with US Fish and Wildlife Service as a prescribed fire specialist/Engine Boss. This job improved on how he looked at fire and how fire can be used to help the environment. However he found that he had a passion for fighting fire with the helicopter. Mr. Lorance returned to be a part of the Helitack Crew Member for Bureau of Land Management (BLM). He had many great experiences and traveled to many states and saw the most beautiful landscapes.

However, over time Mr. Lorance realized that he wanted to pass on all his knowledge to the next generation of fire fighters. He returned to school and earned several two-year degrees from Sierra College, one BS degree and one MA degree from Sacramento State University also including his teaching credentials. Mr. Lorance now teaches full time at SAVA leading our three Fire classes and at the same time teaches at Sierra College.

Interests: Everything from Sky Diving to Cave exploring.

Name: Robin Tateishi

Location: SAVA Elk Grove & Power Inn

Subjects Taught: Emergency Medical Response

Education: AA/AS Paramedicine, American River College

About Me: I have been teaching at SAVA since 2013. I have been in the medical field my entire adult life. I have been teaching at American River College since 2002. I love offering the knowledge that I have to young minds to interest them in the medical field.

Interests: I enjoy traveling, camping, gardening ans generally being outdoors.