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Recording Theory Sacramento

Recording Theory

Recording Theory is articulated with Pinnacle College and is designed for students who have an interest in composing and recording their own music.  This introductory recording course into the concepts and theories in the music and recording industry. Students learn about sound, music, and the technical aspects of software such as ProTools software, the industry standard used in over 90% of professional digital recording.. Students work hands on in a recording environment and learn basic instructments, playing on keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums. In our Sacramento CTE Performing Arts Pathway, students are able to create, record and keep their own original music. Students have the rare opportunity to be taught by an industry professional, who has been in the music business for 35 years.

Pro Tools

Pro Tools is and in depth course on DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) focusing in The Platform, ProTools, as well as exposure to Cubase. Students will learn menu structure and the use of editing tools. Students will create music through MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). They will learn advanced concepts in analog microphone techniques in organic recording. This class requirements include work on musical projects and personal projects. Pro Tools will also mix existing recording tracks using real contemporary artists such as The Beatles and Marvin Gaye. Recording Theory is required for this course.



Recording Workshop

In Recording Workshop students are introduced to the fundamentals of music production. They will learn multiple aspects of the music recording and production industry including, but not limited to: hardware, software, lyrics, beats, music, promotion, and video work. Student will write, edit, and produce their own music as well as work with outside talent. Students will create a digital portfolio and be able to present their work to prospective employers.

 In The Field

Sacramento CTE Performing Arts Pathway

Sacramento CTE Performing Arts Pathway includes occupations that involve the direct creation of art and entertainment by the individual artist. The performing artists are themselves the means of creative expression, without a dependence on an outside medium. 


Instructor: John Morris

Location: SAVA- Power Inn & Elk Grove

Subjects Taught: Recording Theory, Recording Workshop

About Me: John Morris has been helping musicians in the Sacramento area for over 30 years. Along the way, he has amassed many awards! He owns one of the most successful studios (Tanglewood Studios) with a Sammie (Sacramento Music Awards) nomination in 2013. Last year (2014), John was nominated for “Producer of the Year” honoring his work with local Sacramento musicians. His musicianship is known in the Sacramento area as well, with his band (Stillwood Sages) gathering nominations in 2012, 2013, and 2014! He is known for his work with national acts such as Beyoncé, Sammy Hagar, and Trauma. John mirrors his curriculum at SAVA from his ongoing experience as a instructor at Pinnacle College, and he is ready to help the students become all that they can be; so jump in and find out how much fun recording can be!

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