Location: SAVA Charter School North Sacramento – Firehouse Community Center
Position:  Independent Study Teacher – Multiple Subjects

Education: BS in Biological Sciences from San Jose State University

About Me: I have been teaching at SAVA since 2008; two years at the Elk Grove campus; 3.5 years at the Power Inn site and 3.5 years at the Firehouse site. I taught 32 years of science and Biology in San Jose until I retired in 2005. I loved teaching in the traditional setting working with students in the classroom and doing lab experiments in biology. But, nothing compares then when I am working with students on a one-to-one basis, getting to know them, enjoying the good times and helping them deal with the troubles that cross their paths.

Interests: I love to read non-fiction covering current events, history, politics, and religion. I enjoy working the yard, planting trees and other plants and maintaining them. I look forward to all the “get-togethers” with family and friends almost on a weekly basis.