Location: SAVA Charter School East Sacramento: Power Inn
Position: Independent Study Teacher – Multiple Subjects

Education: BA in Ministerial Studies w/ emphasis in counseling

About Me: I started off in the education field by working with elementary/jr. high aged children. A few years ago I was blessed to be a youth pastor having the pleasure of sharing my love and passion for Jesus to teenagers, until God sent me to SAVA. Being a teacher at SAVA is one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve had. To invest in the lives of the students is something that I am passionate about, and I know that I was sent to SAVA for a reason. Encouraging the students, lending an ear to listen to, giving advice, investing in 1 on 1 support with homework, and seeing the students rise to their highest potential is priceless to me. I am passionate about seeing change in the students academically as well as each individual’s personal growth in life. The day that I get to see my students walk across the stage will bring so much joy to my heart and allow me to know that I was a small part to a well deserved victory in their lives.

Interests: Spending time with Jesus, reading/listening to the Bible, encouraging others, salsa dancing, and traveling.