Location: SAVA Charter School East Sacramento: Power Inn
Position: Paraeducator

Education: BA in Liberal Studies, California State University, Sacramento

About Me: I have been a paraeducator at SAVA since 2016. I have had many years of experience helping students to achieve their goals in education. I enjoy my job as I am able to help shape the future of the students at SAVA. Besides being a paraeducator at SAVA, I am also the assistant basketball coach. SAVA lets me me do 2 things I enjoy the most at once.

Interests: When time is available, I enjoy being outdoors. I love being out with nature and listening to the birds. I enjoy going out camping, hiking, fishing and kayaking. However out of all the above I enjoy kayak fishing the most, as I am alone with nature. Other recreational activities I enjoy are sports, but if i had to choose one, I would choose basketball.